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Shrink (your URL). Plant (in your marketing material). Grow (your popularity).

You drive traffic through: your website, social media networks, emails, print marketing materials, presentations, and the list goes on and on.

But, how do you know if you’re even reaching anyone? 

BudURL gives you visibility into customer engagement. Not only can you shrink down long URLs into secure, branded URLs, and generate QR codes, but you can see the detailed statistics behind all of your traffic. Plus, add notes and tags along to each URL, and keep your traffic analytics private from spying eyes.

With BudURL, you can actually see how engaging you are, and quit posting in the dark.

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  1. Emails to prospects and clients (who read your blog post?)
  2. QR Code integration for print campaigns (brochure, newsletter, flyer)
  3. Use the Mobile Micro-Sites to drive traffic for mobile campaigns (coupons, business cards)
  4. Link a QR codes to retail products or storefronts to share additional content with customers
  5. Links posted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & other social networks
  6. Scheduling Tweets with the Twitter integration feature
  7. Blog posts and comments on sites you contribute to, but cannot see the stats
  8. Links to PDFs and other files on websites and in emails
  9. Links embedded inside mobile, iPhone, and Internet-aware applications
  10. Affiliate links
  11. Advertising links
  12. Links in customer support emails
  13. Customize your domain name for consistent branding and marketing

How are you using BudURL? Tell us.

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